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who are we?

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Disruptive Media Learning Lab

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Engineering, Environment and Computing


placing students at the center of a personalised learning environment



continuum aims to present a masters-level programme of study to students in a concatenated manner, facilitating topics which support a holistic problem domain scenario capable of exploration in a linear continuum.

removal of silo delivery medium actuated by UK modular course delivery paradigm so as to facilitate realistic working scenarios within a higher education environment

problem domain


modular delivery of current postgraduate programmes creates a segmented approach to teaching which can result in disjointed learning amongst students

in addition, poorly co-ordinated learning outcomes may facilitate repetition of taught information, thus reducing available knowledge-transfer time whilst further disengaging students

student experience of courses rarely resemble that of employment, thus leaving students ignorant of the required skills and tacit knowledge needed for greater integration into the working environment

creation of a learning continuum which mimics real-world employment environments

removal of redundant information duplication so as to maximise value-added teaching activities

provision of content through a fully-flipped delivery paradigm allowing for activity-led-learning within the same temporal footprint as demanded by QAA processes

increased student engagement through continuous feed-back/forward to increase student outcomes and satisfaction




a continuous delivery model which is not structured around traditional modular infrastructure


topic-driven content which combines to provide holistic knowledge creation opportunities through interlinked problem-solving activities


formative assessment points which allow students to take their best endeavours forward to grading whilst providing a safe environment in which to experiment without fear of failure


technologies employed will be used to encourage convergence across disciplines so as to engage with students on a creative level whilst equipping them with skills as a unique selling point for their chosen career path


the learning design is intended to be technology agnostic though it is planned for the initial pilot to use consistent technologies to ensure equity and allow the focus of the evaluation to be on the learning design not variations in technology


project structure